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Providing comprehensive services has always been our goal since the foundation of SPS in 1992, but our impetus to build D.A.T.A. (the Division of Assessment, Testing and Analysis) was a response to the tremendous number of requests we have had for psychological and neuropsychological testing. D.A.T.A. is a comprehensive offering of psychological and neuropsychological tests. Whether you are looking to evaluate your strengths for a career change, or you need a rigorous assessment of cognitive abilities, we want to be able to meet as many assessment needs as possible.  D.A.T.A had as its goal to be able to serve a wide age range of clients from older adults to children, and to be able to assess several educational, clinical, and non-clinical issues. 


"I am forming D.A.T.A. to channel all the knowledge of our in-house specialists into a department that could answer as many educational, clinical and personal growth questions under one roof," said Managing Director of SPS, Alison Johnson, Psy.D.

The practice initially rolled out the plans to test older adults, followed by a second launch of services to include all-aged adults. As of the Fall 2023, D.A.T.A. is now able to provide easy access to testing for children and young adults.


“Accessibility was a major goal in developing D.A.T.A.  We wanted to avoid long wait times to access our testing professionals and to implement a quick turn-around in our responsiveness time and delivery of reports.  A designated administrator will talk you through the process by assisting you from start to finish” added Dr. Johnson.

“Welcome to D.A.T.A”, - Alison Johnson, Psy.D.

To start learning about Neuropsychological and Psychological testing and whether it is right for you, we recommend you start by selecting your age group.  You will then be guided through more information to help you select the types of testing you need. 


Select your age category:


Older Adults (65 and older)                         Adults (18-65)                          Children and Teens

To learn more about other types of testing and assessment, please choose from the menu below:

  • Vocational, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Personality

  • Functional Behavior Assessment

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