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Division of
Testing &

The Division of Assessment, Testing, and Analysis is a group of services at Summit Psychological Services.  We have always had testing as an offering at SPS, but our impetus to build DATA was a response to the tremendous number of requests we have had for psychological and neuropsychological testing. 


Providing comprehensive services has always been our goal since the foundation of SPS in 1992.  The idea behind DATA is to channel all our best testing knowledge and in-house specialists into a department that could answer as many educational, clinical and personal growth questions under one roof.   Whether you are looking to evaluate your strengths for a career change, or you need a rigorous assessment of cognitive abilities, we want to be able to meet as many assessment needs as possible.  Listed below are the areas of specialization and links to more information about each of those services. 


Since DATA is currently being built as an entity, the different sections are under construction.  If you need information about any domain of testing that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact our office (908) 273 5558.​

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