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This group grew out of the growing demand for services for caregivers, particularly after the COVID 19 pandemic.  For two years, caregivers were shut in and unable to find respite from the daily routine of caregiving a family member.  Every year, at least 78 million people provide informal – and usually unpaid – care and support to aging family members and people of all ages with disabilities.   Notice the use of the word "caregiver", not, "caretaker".  This is because it's a tremendous act of giving on the part of the family member.  Caregivers give their  time, resources, emotions, and physical strength. They provide a safe environment so that people can stay in their homes and continue to be a part of the family.  If you are a caregiver, caring for yourself is essential.  The group is designed to facilitate self-care, provide support from others in similar situations, share resources and to take a break from the routines of caregiving.


  • Leaders:   Michael Keren, PsyD and Meredith Gondo, PsyD. 

  • Time: Every Tuesday; 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm.  Weekly attendance is expected

  • Fee: $90/session; health insurance plans may cover Psychotherapy

  • Contact us for more information or to schedule a screening interview

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