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If you are planning for bariatric surgery, a psychological evaluation is an important stage in the pre-surgery preparation.  The purpose of this evaluation is to collect a vast amount of information for your medical team, while also educating and motivating you towards the long-term goals of health and wellness. The findings of this evaluation can greatly assist a positive outcome in your experience and be used to support you socially, emotionally and physically well into the future. 

Bariatric pre-surgical psychological evaluations are included as a specialty on the SPS comprehensive list of services.  This specialty is offered by Dr. Michael Keren, a psychologist with over thirty years of clinical experience.  In addition to his expertise, Dr. Keren’s personal history of bariatric surgery adds a unique understanding of the process and a special sensitivity to the needs of both patients and their medical team.

“When I began my personal bariatric experience, one of the most frustrating parts was my pre-surgical psychological evaluation.  My experience was that it was seen as just a hurdle to getting approval and having my surgery. What I felt then, and believe even more now, is that it is a chance for discovering and conveying valuable information to assist your bariatric team in helping you on your journey.”

- Dr. Michael Keren


As part of this service Dr. Keren will provide:


  • A tailored report to your medical team, identifying personal challenges that you might face.  This report will assist those involved with your success to include information about your unique personality and learning styles.

  • A pre-surgery session with you to discuss the findings and to help you prepare for surgery and beyond.

  • Post-surgery services to you and your families.  Dr. Keren takes a holistic approach which recognizes that the bariatric journey is lived not just by the patient themselves but their loved ones as well.


As we are now living a new reality in this COVID-19 dominated medical environment, Dr. Keren is prepared and experienced in providing services via Telehealth. As our states open up and as elective surgeries are once again allowed to happen, he will be available to deliver quick and efficient services.

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