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"One Day"

Breaking News – The Kindness Movement is Real.  It is not a bunch of fluffy sentiments.  It isn't led by a bunch of Granola eating, tree hugging, warm fuzzy eccentrics.  The Kindness Movement has some really serious messages to get across concerning everyone’s health, happiness and survival.   


Frothy appeal is not going to have any impact on a culture of people who can hardly find the time to be kind to themselves, let alone others.   We live in a culture where time has become the most valued commodity, and embraced a way of life that doesn’t have the bandwidth to find time to stop and smell the roses, let alone buy a bunch for someone else!   


Fortunately, we are starting to take the Kindness Movement very seriously.  Research studies are gathering an enormous amount of data to support the impact of kindness on human health.  Not only is kindness a benefit to individuals but it can provide the foundation of thriving local communities and a flourishing society at large.


Kindness has become a serious topic of study. Colleges offer degrees which study Positive Psychology and the positive aspects of the human experience that make life worth living.  Writers, philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders have been trying to tell us all along that kindness is at the core of our humanity.  Now the message comes with some serious scientific clout behind it. 


We hope you enjoy some of the articles we have chosen for you, as part of celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Month.  Hopefully you will come back and visit these pages all through the year!

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