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Older Adults 

At SPS, we have a long history of working with older adults.  Some of our therapists are specialized in working with people in this age group and we can provide all of our services to older adults – individual, couple, group, family, and testing.


As specialists, we are aware of the special needs and mental health concerns of our older clients.  Our network of community resources continues to grow and we are building relationships with other providers in our community who work with the older adult population.  Neuropsychological testing and evaluation is one of our specialty services. We are able to efficiently move our clients through the testing process.  We  can provide doctors, neurologists and other health service providers with information that they are asking for, as well as providing you or your loved ones with direct feedback after the evaluation.   Follow this link to learn more about Neuropsychological testing and evaluations.


In this section, our goal is to provide information about the older adult population, as well as providing insights into the aging process and mental health.

Fun with Video Game

Introduction to Aging

Normal vs Abnormal Aging Processes

Happy Senior Couple
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