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Young Volunteers


NEW! Starting October 24th, 2023

Many teenagers report that each day can be a struggle, juggling between the pressures of schoolwork, college applications, friendship groups, and making healthy and wise lifestyle choices.  Sometimes a teen can feel lonely and isolated at school, even though they are surrounded by dozens of their peers.


The High School Group is open to all high schoolers, of all genders, who are looking to find a safe and supportive place to discuss some of the ongoing difficulties they face in high school.  The goals of the group are to alleviate the sense of aloneness and isolation, while also discovering that there are solutions to many of their concerns and stresses. The approach of the group and its facilitators is positive and encouraging, and the group goals are geared to benefit young adults with and without mental health issues.


If you relate to any of these struggles, the High School Psychotherapy Group welcomes you.

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