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During COVID-19 the SPS Administrative Staff will be answering the phone in person.  The Managing Director, Dr. Alison Johnson, is also in the Summit Office full-time.  Any inquiry about our services will receive a return call from either the  Managing Director or the assigned therapist who will talk to you about  whether or not Telehealth is appropriate for you.  

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Before deciding to use Telehealth, please contact your insurance provider to establish whether your particular insurance policy will cover Telehealth with an SPS therapist.  Insurance coverage for Telehealth during COVID-19  has been changing all the time and it is necessary to keep abreast of  changes to your particular policy.  If services are not covered by insurance, please communicate with your therapist whether you are willing or able to pay out-of-pocket.  

  • These documents will appear in your email inbox as a message from your therapist using Verifyle.  Verifyle allows us to send messages and documents via the internet, while staying HIPAA compliant and without compromising your privacy.

  •  The link will automatically take you to the Verifyle website, where it will ask you to set up a free account.  This is very user friendly.  The message and document will already be in your inbox.  Verifyle can be accessed using a computer or smartphone.  There is an eight minute video at the very end of this page to show you how to use Verifyle if you need more instructions.

  • When you have read and completed the documents please return them via verifyle.

  • The forms are also available on the SPS website by using the links.  You can print out the forms, scan or photograph them (even using your cell phone) and return it via Verifyle to your therapist or to the Administration staff.  The free version of Verifyle is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. 

  • Once we have received your signed forms your therapist  will call and set up an appointment time. Prior to your actual appointment your therapist will send you a link via email if you are using a computer.  If you are using a smartphone, you will receive a text.  

  • The therapists will be using a professional version of Zoom. Zoom is a HIPAA compliant application which you can download onto your smartphone or computer (so long as it has a camera and microphone for video and audio capability). 

  • The connection is only secure  and HIPAA compliant when the therapist initiates the connection.

  • COMPUTERS & LAPTOPS:  Click on the link to join the meeting.  It will prompt you to join the meeting.  Follow the prompts which will ask you to click on  your computer's audio and video functions.

  • SMART PHONES:  If you are going to use your smart phone, you will get a text link from your therapist.  The link will ask you to download the Zoom app if you don't already have a Zoom account.  You will need to click on "internet audio" for the sound.   

  • If you want a Zoom account, you can create one later.  You could also create an account prior to your appointment time and practice.   We recommend that you practice with your own  free Zoom account (not HIPAA compliant) with your friends so that you are totally familiarized with the technology before your session.  

  • The instructions to open up the link for your session are user friendly.  Below is a 20 minute video on how to use Zoom.

  • If you are having difficulty with the process, please call the Administrative Staff on 908-273-5558 x 0, who will try to help you. 

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