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Is Neuropsychological Testing Covered By Insurance

YesInsurance is likely to cover assessment for the following reasons:

  • To assess functioning to inform planning for treatment

  • To determine if medications or therapies are causing problems or side effects.

  • To determine the capacity of an individual to make their own health care decisions or live independently

  • To differentiate between dementia vs. depression

  • To distinguish between possible disease processes

  • To distinguish deficits from normal aging

  • To diagnose mental and physical conditions

Insurance is unlikely to cover assessment

  • If a person is actively abusing substances that could lead to inaccurate results

  • If an individual is getting used to a new environment

  • The information could be easily obtained by a routine interview

  • The patient can not meaningfully participate in the testing

  • Testing is not required for treatment planning

  • The tests are not going to answer the referral questions

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