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The COVID-19 pandemic meant that SPS was unable to start a new teen group as we had planned for the Spring.  However, we have decided to move forward with starting the group by switching to an online platform for the immediate future.  We plan to continue in the office once the pandemic has subsided..


We have had several requests to start the online therapy group since individuals and parents have been reporting that social distancing is having a negative impact on the mental health of many teens.   This is not surprising.  High school is a very critical period for young people.  They are grappling with a sense of identity, learning to be part of a community, setting their own boundaries, and establishing their own values and beliefs, apart from those of their parents and caregivers.   All of these developmental tasks happen among their peer groups.  


Ideally, this group would be held face to face in a therapy setting.  However, teens are used to using social media to communicate with one another and we can capitalize on this strength to deliver psychotherapy services to them.   Once social distancing is over, it is our intention to continue the group in our Summit office. 

  • Leader:  Alison Johnson, PsyD

  • Time:  Monday; 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

  • Fee: $90/session (Health insurance plans may cover Group Psychotherapy)

  • ZOOM (using professional, HIPAA compliant platform) during COVID-19

  • Contact us for more information and to schedule a screening interview

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