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Helpful Articles 

to Read During COVID-19 Crisis

The One of a Kind To-Do list

This article is about  a unique approach to managing the stress of boredom and the feeling that you "should be doing something."

To Do Today - 1.jpeg

How to Relieve Zoom Fatigue

This article identifies the causes and fixes for "Zoom fatigue" - the feeling of tiredness from spending too much time in virtual meetings.

Image by Analise Benevides

Does Online Therapy Work?

This is an article which was written by Mindsoother Therapy Center about the benefits of online therapy.  Thank you Mindsoother for allowing us to generously republish your article on our website.

Boy Reading Tablet

Heading 2

Teens, Young Adults & their Mental Health

This is an overview about how teens and young adults are managing the challenges of COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on their mental health.

Social Distance 2020.jpeg

Contributions by Teens and Young Adults

A group of teens and young adults generously contributed written accounts of their experiences of COVID-19 and quarantine.

COVID Contributions - 1.jpeg
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