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Everyone is looking for more a more positive and more effective way to thrive and to deal with the stressors or their busy, often hectic lives.  At SPS, we receive more requests for help to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression than any other problem. We also hear from people looking to find calm and serenity in the midst of hectic and over-scheduled lives, and from those individuals looking to find meaning and purpose in it all.  For all of you, here is a new group to address those needs and to provide a space for growth and personal development.

One of the most helpful environments for personal development is group psychotherapy, where empathy, honesty, and support provide the setting for awareness, insight, and change. The group leaders will be combining some of the most effective techniques to come out of the research on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Group Therapy, and Positive Psychology.  By distilling the very best findings from all of these approaches, Drs. Johnson and Likier have put together a dynamic and informative group, with an emphasis on replacing self-defeating and self-destructive patterns of dealing with problems and finding more constructive and healthier alternatives.


  • Leaders:   Michael S. Likier, Phd, ACT.                                                                                            Alison Johnson, PsyD  (Managing Director)

  • Time:  Wednesday; 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm, weekly attendance is expected

  • Fee: $90/session; health insurance plans may cover Psychotherapy

Please call Dr. Michael Likier at 908.273.5558 x120

for more information or to schedule a screening interview.

Mindfully Positive Psychotherapy Group: Welcome
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