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Licensed Psychologist  NJ # 6258

Licensed Psychologist NY # 023143

Specializations and Expertise:

  • Neuropsychological evaluation

  • Child and adolescent psychotherapy

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (all levels), ABA informed intervention; parent training; and social skills groups 

  • Anxiety, depression, negative emotionality, and low self-esteem

  • Disruptive behaviors and executive functioning challenges (organization, planning, reasoning, self-monitoring)

  • Challenges related to academic motivation, engagement, and self-esteem

  • Individual and group-based therapy

  • Integrative approach including aspects of psychodynamic theory (attachment-based interventions; object-relations theory) and Cognitive-Behavioral based theories


Dr. Denor enjoys working with children and their families to bring hope and clarity into distressing situations. She believes that establishing a healthy, collaborative and trusting therapeutic alliance is a crucial catalyst to lasting change. Dr. Denor does this by being transparent with those she works with and by setting agreed upon goals that benefit the individual and their loved ones. With her expertise as a neuropsychologist, Dr. Denor holds a unique individualistic perspective which allows her to integrate aspects of intellectual, neurocognitive and health functioning into the emotional, social, and behavioral growth of those she works with. Her experience working within various large school systems (Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York) brings an added awareness of the educational challenges that children and adolescents face resulting in distressing emotions.



Two-year postdoctoral fellowship, Promise Project – Columbia University Medical Center

Psy.D – Adler University

B.A – Temple University


908-273-5558 ext 115

“I approach each client with a genuine desire to bring lasting hope and clarity. It is my goal to offer respect, compassion and sound therapeutic practices to bring forth the fullness of life.”